Brand introduction



Met original intention in France

The founder of PURIDEA is a 70’s generation entrepreneur who loves digital products and pursues quality life. After ups and downs in business and understanding of life, the founder further realized that digital products should bring people a sense of aesthetics and comfort. They should be practical, user-friendly and pleasant. They should be the best reward for those who love life and pursue quality life. What kind of digital product could perfectly interpret people’s pursuit? What a coincidence, in 2014, the founder of PURIDEA came across a young French design team winning various international design awards and their digital products while traveling in France. From that moment, he found the answer - the combination between the minimal lines of postmodernism and French art & fashion created a low-pitched and mild light luxury proposition. Humanized somatosensory interaction logic is practical and exquisite, and brings a touching use experience. After the excitement, the founder of PURIDEA cooperated with the French design team and co-founded PURIDEA to introduce French design aesthetics to China. This is the origin of the brand.


Talk about idea

PURIDEA consists of “PURE” and “IDEA” which means “pureness” and “idea” respectively.

Pureness refers to remembering original intention. Adhering to the original intention of creating aesthetic feeling and comfortable life, the founder of PURIDEA is committed to integrating the genes of French art & fashion and different people’s feelings & aesthetic orientation into product design aesthetics, mingling resonantly perceptual beauty with excellent performance, eliminating complicated product components and focusing on visible and invisible details to present fine digital products with minimal style, clear logic and good functions.

Idea refers to spiritual pursuit and lifestyle. PURIDEA displays the French design aesthetics and creates life artworks with its acute fashion perception and extraordinary originality. PURIDEA restores the real life in the minimal pureness and grants life with dynamic joy to harmonize products and life. This will improve people’s life quality, making PURIDEA create a different life with a sense of comfort and esthetics. Years later, PURIDEA can even become a culture symbol for fashionable life.

Focus on quality for original intention

Since its establishment, PURIDEA products have covered portable power bank, charging device, outdoor multifunctional Bluetooth speaker, car charger, USB cable, micro projector and other smart accessories. Excellent and minimal design and friendly experience interaction logic makes PURIDEA popular among consumers. Based on the product methodology of being led by the French design aesthetics and adhering to the quality, PURIDEA imports abroad and then exports abroad, and its products have been sold to Europe, America, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. PURIDEA has become a world-known brand, which is the best reward from the market and a mission for PURIDEA. The quality is to a product what the virtue is to a person. PURIDEA will stick to its brand nature and provide customers with the simplest and most elegant solutions connecting technology and life. PURIDEA clings to the product details to make it consistent from the external to the internal and from people to object and let more people enjoy the technical life with a sense of aesthetics and comfort by an affordable price.


Create international light luxury digital product brand with first-class experience



To let more people enjoy the technical life with a sense of aesthetics and comfort

Core Value

Practical, passionate, innovative, free and sharing


An artist at intelligent digital times